The McGregor & Mills Families

Hello All

As I sit here at the puter, nursing a pulled back... I guess it's a good time to update the web-site, that was last done in August 2013.

Well it's been a long winter, and that should have produced lots of work being done on this project; but as Hoyle would have it, both our desktops ended up in the repair shop, mine needing a new hard-drive. New hard-drive means salvaging the data off the old one. YES, I back up, to 2 other drives, but I still had to go thru the genealogy backlog on all 3 drives, to ensure nothing got lost or was a corrupt copy.

The Aim

The aim of our tree is to search the ancestors of Jo-Anne & myself, and our childrens families; and the descendants of those ancestors, including their spouse & their families.


Mills, McGregor, Eby, Haraldson, Hauber, Adams, Ames, Andrews, Avery, Bailey, Ball, Baker, Beacon, Bell, Berk, Benmore, Betts, Blessing, Bricker, Brown, Browning, Brubacher, Cameron, Chapman, Collins, Cummings, Dale, Deacon, Downer, Durrell, Farrer, Foster, Fraser, French, Fretter, Gater, Gannon, Goehller, Goodman, Gould, Hall/Hyall, Hawton, Hayler, Hays, Heather, Hedger, Hembling, Hilton, Hunter, Jewett, Johnston, Jones, Katon, Kebble, Kinnaird, Lamont, Latty, Lester, Lyon, MacLaughlin, MacLean, MacMillan, Madgwick, Mansfield, Maple, McKee, Mitchell, Mohan, Molaskey, Moon, Morley, Nagel, Navin, Ostrander, Page, Perkins, Pullen, Rae, Ramsey, Rutter, Sawbridge, Sealis, Short, Sievewright, Simmonds, Sinclair, Sleeman, Smith, Snow, Stack, Statton, Stewart, Sweetzer, Taylor, Thompson, Thomson, Tibbetts, Tompkins, Tomsett, Towne, Wallis, Warn, White, Wicket, Wilson, Winchester, Winnicott, Witton, & then some.

Beyond Our Tree

Thru our various contacts, we have been given tree's that are outside of our primary tree, and have included that data into our tree, for the benefit of those contacts. This results in some people being shown, who are not related to us.

Ancestry & Other Genealogy sites

Genealogy has become very popular and places like seem to be working overtime to compile databases. Searching on the internet has produced an abundance of data.. I sometimes wish that there were 2-3-4 or 5 of me to keep up. One for data entry, as I am not a typist; another for research, and one to keep the website updated, digitize newspaper articles, etc., check & reply to email and so on.
In addition to this tree, I post a tree on the site, for those who can access it. The benefit in this is the "Auto Search" function that compares those in our tree with other trees that people have also uploaded, and with the database on Ancestry. This certainly aids in finding data and has produced a few new contacts.

The Blaw... Blaw... Blaw

Now for the mind numbing stuff I put at the bottom of the page:

Genealogy Software

We use RootsMagic as out primary data keeper. It is from the RootsMagic program that I generate this webpage, which is then uploaded to this site. I also use Family Tree Maker "to TRY" to update our page on, however it does not work as I had hoped. (?). It is quite easy to export a gedcom from RM and import it into FTM... IF ONLY the upadting would work.....

Would You like to Dabble in Genealogy

Are you interested in dabbling in genealogy... like to try out a free genealogy program, then click on the RootsMagic Essentials link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.


If you email us, please give us lots of time to answer. Sometimes genealogy takes a back burner to life, and sometimes research is required before even a preliminary answer can be given. I will get to them in due time. I hope you understand the magnitude of this project and my poor typing abilities.

While we welcome the contacts, we also have a need to know who we are communicating with. That is why we ask for names, addresses and phone numbers. Our asking for your name, address & phone number is no less than what I provide on the bottom of this page. If you have concerns and would like a phone call from us, we have unlimited Canada wide long-distance.
Naming People

All women are listed with their "Maiden Name". Where a surname is not known, I use the "*" behind the known spouse's surname, for the unknown person's surname. While this does not follow any genealogy protocol, it does make working with so many names a bit easier.
Given names are shown as: Margaret "Jo-Anne" McGregor, where Jo-Anne is the "common" given name; and a (nickname) is shown as: David (Knobby) Mills.


There is only "ONE" fact for individuals in genealogy software that is used to link 2 people together, that being the "Marriage Fact". The Marriage Fact has to cover marriages, common law relationships, and to show parents of a child even if no marriage ceremony has taken place. If a person is showing with more than one spouse, but no divorce, it likely indicates that one was common-law or no divorce record for a marriage is know by us.

Where a child has resulted from a relationship, the father, if known will be listed as a spouse to the mother, even though denial of a relationship existed. To be fair to the child, the mother & father have to be shown, and the marriage fact is the only way to do that. The software, although extremely flexible, does have limitations.

Family Group Sheet

If you are wanting to submit info on your family, there is a "Family Group Sheet" on the below links, that will make it easier to see what info we are looking for and to fill in the blanks, as none of us has all the data at our fingertips. While we request dates and places for all of lifes major events, rest assured that we do not post any of this info on this website for living people.


We are looking for copies of old family photo's, certificates, documents etc.. If you have a photo and can identify those in the photo, we would like to have a copy. We can post photo's of family members who have passed. Documents and Certificates provide proof to a persons life. The database in our RootsMagic Program has some 3100 photos, mostly of documents, records & grave markers which do not show on the website.

Till next update..... Cheers Dave & Jo

Dave & Jo-Anne Mills
9 McCoy Street
Maugerville, NB
E3A 8L8

Created 30 April 2014 with RootsMagic Genealogy Software